tisdag 20 juli 2010

FindMyPhone Beta released

  • Send SMS (Text) with a secret you set and receive the location of the phone via SMS.
  • The location SMS contains a Google Maps link as well as the street address for the location.
  • The location is determined by using the GPS first and then network location.
  • The same secret SMS will turn on the ringer (if on silent) and reset the volume to the maximum level. This is to find the phone you lost between the pillows in your couch.
  • If you are using k9mail, you can trigger a location message by sending a secret email.
  • Designed to be robust and not drain your battery (Using BroadcastReceiver API).
  • Will always be 100% free with the source freely available at http://findmyphone.sf.net
Instructions SMS
  • Click on the app to get the settings view
  • Check "Active" to enable the service or uncheck it to disable all functionality
  • Set the "Secret" to the exact text you want to trigger a location SMS. This text needs to go first in the SMS you are sending from another phone.
Whenever you want to find your phone, simply pick up your friends phone and send a new SMS containing your secret text. Within 1-2 minutes (depending on your network provider, etc) you should receive an SMS with the location of your phone. Also you may now call it and listen for the ringer

Instructions Email
  • Make sure you check the "Active" checkbox
  • Set the "Secret text" and "Email prefix"
  • Check "Email trigger"
  • Enter a valid gmail-user and password that the app will use to send replies from
  • Make sure you have k9mail installed on your phone and set it to "push" och "poll"
  • Now send an regular email to the email-adddress that k9mail is using
  • Once k9mail receives the email, FindMyPhone will trigger and check the subject for the secrets provided earlier
  • The subject of the email must start with the "Email prefix" and contain the "Secret text" for FindMyPhone to trigger
  • Once FindMyPhone has found your phone's location, a reply will be sent, using the Gmail-user as sender

Version 1.1B
  • Changed to beta software
  • Number of fixes
  • Disabled the SIM-card change feature
  • Added email-trigger / reply functionality
  • New launcher-icon
  • App2SD support
Version 1.0
  • Initial release
  • Secret SMS functionality from Alpha version
  • Added SIM change detection
Version 1.01
  • Added detailed logging to help searching for reported faults
  • Tried to improve GPS fix by prolonging timeout
  • Added some improvement for SIM change detection. Still needs more work to work with PIN-locked SIM cards
  • Fixed one bug with getting network fix if GPS is active but fail to fix.
Version 1.02
  • Found and fixed another bug if the phone didn't have a last known location for either GPS or Network.

10 kommentarer:

  1. This is awesome! :)

    A problem tho:
    If I haven't turned on gps on my phone it doesn't send the sms with the location.
    Please make the app turn on gps when triggered.

    A wish:
    Give us more options. Let us make it play a continuing sound when we send Secret + Sound or something :)

  2. The securitysystem of Android will not allow external programs to activate the GPS. Make sure you have it turned on if you are planning to loose the phone :-)

    I will consider the sound-function. It should be fairly easy to accomplish. It could be made so it plays for 1 minute maybe. Playing for too long will only make a potential thief turn the phone off.

    Please make sure you rate the app if you like it ;)

  3. Maybe you could make it possible for rooted phones then?

  4. Ole Erik: It's going to be difficult for me in the near future. My current phone is not rootable (X10 mini) and my spare time is running out.

    The project is open source though so if anyone else has the skill to pull it off, they are more than welcome to start hacking.

  5. Mine is X10 mini too! :D

    Hope it will become rootable.

    Just let me know if I can do anything for this project.

  6. Hej! Skitbra app! :)

    En sak som iaf jag skulle tycka vara bättre är att mail-notifieringen även innehöll samma länk som i SMS-notifieringen.


  7. Hej Martin. Jag har lagt in en länk nu. Hör av dig om jag verkar missat något.

  8. Det funkar fint! :)
    Det skulle vara käckt om det gick att lägga till ett kodord för att få en fullständigt tyst/dold notifiering, men det kanske inte går??

  9. Martin, jag har inte undersökt möjligheten att få en tyst lokalisering. Jag känner att risken är stor att det gör appen till en "stalker"-app som man i smyg lägger in på exets eller sambons mobil.

  10. Hmmm... Jo det är inte bara risk, det skulle bli en fullfjädrad StalkerDroid.
    En annan sak; SIM-bytesavkänningen, blev det inget bra det?